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Yaw Owusu

Chief Executive Officer
Ghana Cyber Group, Inc.


Yaw Owusu founded Ghana Cyber Group (GCG) in 1999 to facilitate technology investments in Ghana and reinforce the branding of Ghana's growing IT Economy with comparative advantage ready to compete with developing tech markets. In 2002, Mr. Owusu was appointed to the international advisory board of the Digital Partners, which entered into a merger with the Seattle, Washington-based Grameen Technology Center in 2005. Yaw Owusu initiated the Ghana Technology Park venture to identify and develop early stage tech incubation opportunities and assist IT and BPO clients to commercialize their products and services.

In 2005, Yaw Owusu became a committee member US-Africa Business Council’s Direct Expatriate Nationals Investment (DENI) project, currently being studied by the World Bank and the government of Ghana for adoption as a capacity-building venture to promote private ownership in Sub-Saharan Africa and reduce the region's external debt using Debt-for-Assets Swap and other innovative financial measures.

Mr. Mr. Owusu is also a consultant at Xalles Limited, a global management consulting firm, that provides business strategy and systems implementation services to firms in the financial services and information technology industries.He completed his undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Economics at Albright College in Pennsylvania in 1990 and enrolled in the Executive MBA Program at Columbia Business School, 2001-2002.


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