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Andrew Farquharson

Kauffman Fellow
Halo Fund


Andrew Farquharson is an early-stage investor in life sciences, who brings 14 years of experience as a founder, executive and researcher in the biotherapeutic, genomic and proteomic arenas. He is currently a Kauffman Fellow with the Halo Fund, and Chairman of Ergodesigns, Inc., which he founded in 2003.

In his earlier career, Mr. Farquharson served as Vice President of Commercial Operations for Innovadyne Technologies, a laboratory automation start-up that he helped to build into a profitable concern by growing sales in HTS and proteomic markets. Prior to Innovadyne, Mr. Farquharson served as Senior Vice President of sales and marketing for QIAGEN Operon, where he tripled revenues of synthetic DNA products in two years, and played a key role in negotiating a sale of the business for nine figures. In his earlier career, Mr. Farquharson held several roles in research operations at Genentech, Inc. and co-founded a gene design business in agricultural biotechnology. He has also developed strategies for healthcare firms as a consultant.

Mr. Farquharson received a BA with High Honors from the University of California at Berkeley, and his Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University Graduate School of Business.


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